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Weekend memories

Pretty ordinary package waffle mix ( adjusted with lots of extra butter, hoping it’s the same as the crunch, buttery Swedish ones we love), Ikea’s cranberry sauce (the wee one’s favourite), charity store cake stand (that always remind me a dear friend who carted a similar one to Australia) and a tiny coffee spoon, found once, long ago, on a street market in Paris.

These are the beauties of this past weekend. Memories, tastes, experiences and deep thankfulness for all that we have, and the lives we live and have lived

Much love. x

A new habit

Having relocated internationally at the beginning of 2020, the joys and trials of adjusting to life in a new country have suddenly been one-upped by Covid. Days are filled with planning, homeschool and figuring out what finishing off work looks like from home.

As part of self-care {and a belated idea for Lent}, I have decided to pick up my camera again and to choose to see the beauty in what is under my feet. I hope you enjoy the visual journey with me. I am not promising daily posts or exceptional writing, but perhaps a moment of stillness as you enjoy an image, in the midst of the busy days.

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Wilma x


Location: Bradgate Park.

Please note: This was taken a few weeks ago on our first visit there. Right now, the park is closed to visitors to encourage social distancing. Once open again, it will surely be a favourite family haunt.