jordana & andreas {gamla stan}

I met up with  Jordana and Andreas in Gamla Stan, the old town in inner Stockholm, and we had great fun doing a portrait session, wandering up & down narrow alleyways and peeking into specialist stores whilst taking pictures. 

A special thank you to the English Bookstore  and Polkapojkarna both for props & lovely locations. Be sure  not to pass them by on a visit to Gamla Stan!

{Lizelle Tenten, thank you for being my bag / prop carrier and  assistant!}


{love + vintage}

As magical goes, setting up and shooting this styled session with lovely Mathilda in the park surrounding Waldemarsudde (Djurgården, Stockholm) was just that.

* For more information on the lovely Waldemarsudde, click HERE

* Mathilda, a very big thank for being our (Claire, Heidi and I) model for the day.

*White dress from SALT, props stylist’s own and / or locally sourced.

everyday joys

sometimes I just forget to document the ordinary… being so focused on taking specific pictures for projects or clients,  the loveliness of just ‘being’ is sometimes forgotten. hence here is today – a reminder of the simple joy of seeing our little one loving bath time. it’s such a fun & anticipated event in our household every evening with it’s very own set of rituals designed by her, be it the ‘mermaid roll’, her noddy-doll needing to swim or the princess ‘dress-up’ afterwards. i hope these will help me remember these precious times. she’s growing up so fast.


p.s. the spotted cheeks? she declared herself pippi longstocking for the day…

For the love of it

My little girl Anna has a love affair with sheep – at the tender age of 2 and a half she has a herd of four – and her interest in the woolly creatures shows no sign of waning either.  (I am rather sure that the herd will be growing some more in the coming years.) They range from a rather grey-white and loved-to-near-death little lamb (she’s had that one just about from birth) to soft and cuddly ones with floppy legs and dreamy eyes. They all have a turn as bedtime mates and get dragged to playschool and back tirelessly. Hence, I thought to start documenting some of them …both for me and her, as a reminder of what is dear to her in these tender years. Here’s the first. Let’s just say his name is Fred.

time passing

“Autumn wins you best by its mute appeal to sympathy for its decay… ”             Roberth Browning 

The passing of time is showed ever so clearly in the subtle things that are constantly changing around us, reminding us that a season is coming to a close, yet within that also promising of yet another that is about to arrive. Here at home we’re slowing down, getting into gear for a holiday in sunny South Africa soon whilst working on a last few projects before this year takes its final bow.

I love the moss on our roof, thriving in the colder, crisp air  – and not least squirrel cheekily darting through our backyard hoping for a rich pickings in the lawn. Perhaps not so much the grey’ing days and dark afternoons, but the softness of the muted palette all around and the dreaminess of the early mornings shrouded in mist does turn this seasonal change into something rather magical up north.

Hope you’re enjoying autumn as much as I am,