A new habit

Having relocated internationally at the beginning of 2020, the joys and trials of adjusting to life in a new country have suddenly been one-upped by Covid. Days are filled with planning, homeschool and figuring out what finishing off work looks like from home.

As part of self-care {and a belated idea for Lent}, I have decided to pick up my camera again and to choose to see the beauty in what is under my feet. I hope you enjoy the visual journey with me. I am not promising daily posts or exceptional writing, but perhaps a moment of stillness as you enjoy an image, in the midst of the busy days.

Wilma Howells Photography-1Wilma Howells Photography-2



Wilma x


Location: Bradgate Park.

Please note: This was taken a few weeks ago on our first visit there. Right now, the park is closed to visitors to encourage social distancing. Once open again, it will surely be a favourite family haunt.

Published by wilma

I am passionate about beautiful light - and capturing life, love and laughter (and all that happens inbetween) in it.

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