soon we’ll be four {lau family}

I met up with the lovely Lau family a few weeks ago while they were over here on a short holiday from Switzerland. For their session we decided on a lovely rural setting – and managed to choose a rather freezing afternoon for the shoot! However Barbara, the glowing mommy-to-be, simply took the cold weather in her stride… she was such a trooper! 


Published by wilma

I am passionate about beautiful light - and capturing life, love and laughter (and all that happens inbetween) in it.

3 thoughts on “soon we’ll be four {lau family}

  1. I love these portraits. You managed to capture the joy in the mother, father/son, Mother/son, husband/wife, family and the beauty of the surroundings. Amazing! (the family were pretty something too!)

  2. Thank you so much, Wilma, for these great pictures! All the freezing on that cold day was definitely worth it, we’re so happy with the results. Love and greetings from Switzerland 🙂

  3. Beautiful pictures. You make such nice pictures!!! Capture moments! Not always easy especially when kids are involved. Annica

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