camelia & sana

I really had such a great time shooting this session with lovely Camelia & Sana last weekend. I first learnt  about Camelia through an article written by her about how she managed to find herself in the position to set up a quaint little shop called Camelia’s Cupcakes   in Stockholm shortly after arriving here as an expat (rather inspiring stuff for this newly landed expat who is herself wading into the business deep end too). Through an idea for photo-session in the shop we managed to connect, and that’s when Camelia mentioned that she’s expecting and thinking about a maternity shoot instead. Aptly named ‘cupcake’ by his adoring parents, the little one is due to make an appearance in about 7 weeks. Seeing the love & affection between Camelia and Sana as a couple – and their excitement about the pregnancy – made the shoot ever so special. (Together also with them being really game at trying out a few silly poses!)

I wish you both all that is good, lovely &  beautiful for this wonderful new season in your lives – I cannot wait to see you and your little baby together!


Published by wilma

I am passionate about beautiful light - and capturing life, love and laughter (and all that happens inbetween) in it.

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